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Terms & Conditions  
Unless otherwise agreed in writing before work commences, between PC Callout Service and the customer, these standard Terms and Conditions, apply to all work undertaken by PC Callout Service on behalf of the customer. Non-exhaustive list of types of work carried out and explanation of terms:
Software and/or hardware, and/or system analysis, and diagnosis of existing and potential problems, improvements, usage and impacts.
Software and/or hardware, and/or system specification, based upon analysis of customer requirements input, environment, how used and needs.
Supply of software and/or hardware, and/or system design(s), prototype(s) or production unit(s); including where appropriate - documentation, manual(s), spares kit(s), prototype(s) and production unit(s).
Software writing to customer supplied specification of program requirements, including user interaction methods if any, program function, program error reporting, environment and platform to be used in, language(s) to be used. Contracting of another specified function as agreed beforehand.
Installation, cabling, setup and configuration of customer supplied equipment for customer's application within one building on one site.
Length of Day
All work is charged at rates according to day (9:30am to 5:30pm), or half day, or by the hour. Work carried out outside the hours specified for a normal day, are classed as unsocial hours work, to be carried with prior agreement and booking at special rates. A day is classed as a normal working day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays where the work is being carried out.
PC Callout Service will hold joint copyright on all work carried out, however PC Callout Service will not resell in any manner a complete copy of work carried out for a customer, only parts of the work could be used again.
Terms of payment
For customers with credit facilities, payment is on a 30 calendar days net basis, from date of invoice, payable by cash, check, bankers draft or credit card in the favor of PC Callout Service. Credit cards payments are subject to a 3% surcharge. All other customers are required to pay 25%, as a first stage payment at time of order, remaining amount to be paid at job completion.
Work involving design or supply of hardware requires a 20% minimum retainer payment with order, on top of any other prepayments regardless of credit status.
Commencement of work
Work will commence at the prior agreed time and place between PC Callout Service and the customer, upon receipt of Purchase Order(s). All work is then invoiced at an agreed schedule or by default monthly against Purchase Order(s) supplied by the customer.
Ownership of goods, services, or results of services is transferred upon receipt of all payments in full.
Standard Disclaimers

Unless described in exceptions section, all hardware is warranted for 12 months for production units and 6 months for prototypes. Software is warranted for 3 months. Services or results of services are warranted for 1 month.
This applies only to the parts supplied by PC Callout Service, and all warranties are voided, if the product is not as sold, modified by customer or parties acting upon the customer's behalf, or the product is used or has suffered from use or events that it was not designed for, or beyond the control of the customer and/or PC Callout Service.
All warranties commence from the date of invoice to customer from PC Callout Service.
Any software configuration, installation or virus removal carried out and demonstrated to the customer as working correctly is from stage a completed task. If a similar fault occurs they will be treated as chargeable and will form a new contract.
If a system is returned under warranty we cannot guarantee safety of any classified Data. If is the customer's responsibility to backup all Data including Application Programs prior to returning any system back to PC Callout Service.
We will only support the Operating System supplied by us, we cannot offer support for any other software package, unless the software application is specifically written for the customer by our programmers.
Whilst every effort will be made to ensure safe Data handling, PC Callout Service shall not accept responsibility for any loss of Data.
Manufacture's own extended warranties are to be used by the customer directly with the manufacturer.
We are not liable for any consequential loss or expenses, however caused, including incidental return cost.
Our No-Fix-No-Fee policy means that if the engineer does not possess the necessary technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem or effect the repair, then no charge is made to the customer.
If the engineer is able to resolve the problem or effect the repair, but is only prevented from doing so by the customer requesting the engineer not to proceed with the work, then the customer is charged for the engineer's time spent to that point.
If the engineer is able to resolve the problem or effect the repair, but is only prevented from doing so because the customer does not possess the required software CD-Rom or Product Key, then the customer is charged for the engineer's time spent to that point.
Customer Specified/Supplied Equipment
Where work is carried out using equipment and/or software and/or procedures and/or facilities, supplied or at the instruction of the customer, which is then found to be faulty, all work carried out to identify and rectify the problem is chargeable in addition to any quote or order at the suitable rate to the customer. Whether directly instructed to carry this out or not by the customer, when this has to be carried out in order to complete the work for the customer.
All warranties on any such repairs, modifications and/or rectification of problems, are the responsibility of the customer to arrange with parties who actually perform said tasks.
We do not warrant the suitability (compatibility) of goods. Please check the suitability (compatibility) of products with your system and /or the manufacturer before ordering.
These terms and conditions are liable to change without prior notice or notification. The latest terms and conditions can be viewed online at www.pccalloutservice.com/terms
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