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A computer will always fail when you need it the most.
You usually expect your computer to work every time but, When it doesn't work it's like being locked out of your own house. There's few things as frustrating as having a system that won't start up, load your desktop, or lock up every 5 minutes. Most of us like to use systems that are reliable, stable operation and help us to access computer programs & data for business, pleasure, school, email and what so ever.
We know what you need and so we set it straight. In the process of repairing thousands of computers we've seen a lot of problems. Most of them straightforward, but a few that made us rip our hair out (not literally). We never give up but always find the answer. That kind of research is on our time, not yours.
We only charge for the components and time required to perform your actual upgrade or repair - not educational research. And we give you free expert advice and information to help you avoid future computer problems.
Contact us or bring your system to our office for a free & honest evaluation of your computer problem or needs. You would be satisfied always.
Common Computer problems
Slow Performance
   Operating System Failure
Internet Connections
   Illegal Operations Errors
Hardware Failure
   Hardware Conflicts
Freeze Ups
   System Won't Shut Down
Memory Problems
   Printing Problems
Virus Problems
   Backup Problems
Network Problems
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